Publications on the District Currency Game

As part of the Horizon 2020 project netCommons, our district currency game was translated into English and further developed. Two international events took place in Amsterdam and Barcelona. The game provided interesting insights into the development of new local currencies. The netCommons project was carried out by an international consortium of four universities (London, Barcelona, Athens, Trento), a research laboratory (Paris) and our partner organisation NetHood (Zurich) and will now be completed by the end of 2018. The district currency game is described in detail in two project reports (Deliverables). These contain further exciting results from the area of complementary currency research and community networks.

Deliverable D2.4: Economic Sustainability of CNs (v1) Introducing Community Currencies  Website des Projektes

Deliverable D2.6: Economic Sustainability of CNs (v2) Community Currencies for Community Networks Website des Projektes

District Currency Game with NeNa1

The next opportunity to get to know the District Currency Game is:

Saturday, April 8, 2017, 13: 30-17: 30
Cooperative Karthago, Zentralstrasse 150, 8003 Zurich, Switzerland

Experiencing and learning how a cooperative economy could look like that better meets the demands of sustainability, justice and democracy than today’s economic model that favors exploitation.
The District Currency Game offers:

  • An introduction to an alternative currency
  • Half a day working together in a community-based money system
  • Experiencing yourself in a cooperative with a different economic understanding
  • Exchange and discussion, questions and reflection

All who are interested in cooperation, money and alternatives to it, commons and the internal economy of a New Neighborhood (NeNa) are welcome to participate in the proven and entertaining game of Flexonomix.

This event is organized by the NeNa1 Building and Housing Cooperative, takes place in the Cooperative Karthago and is open to all.

  • Language: German with partial translation into English
  • Limited number of places, free but binding registration necessary
  • Donation box at the event
  • Only registered participants!

TICKETS at Eventbrite

Lively Game in Amsterdam

Last Friday 2nd of December the introductory workshop with the district-currency-game was held at MoneyLab symposium. This was the first time this game was played in English and our efforts to translate all materials including the improoved democrating decision making sessions were rewarded by a successful event. The organizing team of the Institute for Network Cultures (INC) has made a nice blog entry about it,

see the report here.

The team of NetHood who did the leading and coaching had also fun and we were happy to receive a lot of positive feedback and helpful concerns.


Moneylab #3 in Amsterdam

The Institute for Network Cultures of the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences helds its 3rd MoneyLab symposium this year. Under the title of “Failing Better” a bunch of very interesting contributions come together.

1-2. December 2016, Amsterdam, Pakhuis De Zwijger


Flexonomix proudly presents a workshop with the freshly translated District-Currency-Game. We will play the introductory (short) version of the game and are looking forward to the results and discussions on an international floor.

The website of the conference is here and the program which includes cultural events and an exhibition you find here.