The District Currency is a newly designed commons-based community currency developed by FleXibles in Zurich. The district currency is used as a role model to demonstrate the power of democracy and the commons through an interest-free monetary system.

The Flexonomix¬ģ District-Currency-Game introduces a district currency for housing cooperatives. This Flexonomix workshop will experiment with how a district currency can be implemented in housing co-operatives and lead to a commons based community currency. By inhabiting the role of a co-op member, participants will be asked to improve living conditions for the district using the skills and requirements of the community. At the end of each round, new decisions will adjust the process. Commoning through a currency incorporates the abilities, needs, freedoms and obligations of the individuals, as well as the effect of the collective community. The question of how to realize such a currency will be challenged through this workshop and different opportunities or threads might be explored further.

Workshops with introduction, play and discussion

Introductory workshop (short version)
Group size: 9-30 people
Duration: 1.5 to 2 hours

Full workshop
Group size: 9-30 people
Duration: One half day (3.5 to 4.5 hours)