Game Philosophy

Flexonomix games are designed to meet the high demands of a new era, characterized by a comprehensive evolution of cooperation and a healthy reduction of competitive behaviour. Today, however, games are still set up as a contest, as a competition against each other in which only one (male) can win. “Playful” learning is thus turned into a fight against each other, which runs counter to the real basic principle of economy, reciprocity or “brotherhood”.

“Playing business” is an excellent opportunity to practice and learn the skills of cooperation, appreciative exchange, thinking in context and the ability to take responsibility, which are neglected in schools and society, and thus to pave the way for an essentially “right” and thus sustainable and future oriented economy. Flexonomix games are designed in such a way that they do justice to such goals and also convey joy, motivation and energy. The emphatic and responsible skills are challenged and the egoistic winning mania is replaced by the “how-can-I-contribute-best”-attitude. “Winning” or “losing” only becomes relevant in the overall context of all players, in the community.

In today’s economic paradigm of “scarcity”, “perfect competition” and the “free market”, these approaches of course seem out of place and not purposeful. In the future economy, however, the conditions will be exactly the opposite and today’s concepts will be regarded as subordinate marginal phenomena. Until then, it will be necessary to promote and strengthen the awareness and self-understanding of cooperative behaviour. Flexonomix wants to make a contribution to this.